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What are your thoughts on those who wear sexual versions of their cultures clothing with chopsticks in their hair? I see a decent amount of people who do it here in Hawaii where many Asian cultures are highly dominant, sometimes even more so than western culture.


The issue here is many ppl don’t realize the harm in perpetuating stereotypes and aren’t willing to learn about it. I don’t support it.

I honestly haven’t seen ppl wearing actual chopsticks in their hair here.. maybe “hairsticks” tho. I mean, it’s an eating utensil??? It’s not a sacred religious item. There is etiquette when using it to eat in certain cultures, but if you really need something to hold up your hair (as in, NOT for a costume) I don’t see why it wouldn’t be fine.. But idk, a lot of things fly in Hawaii that don’t elsewhere lol. Anyone else with input?

side🎀bow pants from #f21 😻

side🎀bow pants from #f21 😻


Everyday racism is posting a heartfelt submission to this blog and getting angry responses from white people who insist “we aren’t all like that!” and “if you don’t want us to generalize you, then maybe you shouldn’t generalize us!”

Even when PoC want to vent about the institutionalized racism we face every single damn day of our life, there are stillwhite people who want to make it all about themselves. There are still white people who want us to think of their feelings before our own. There are still white people who can read a horrific post about racism, violence or threats that a PoC has faced against a white person, and instead of sympathizing or understanding where the anger is coming from, they want the PoC to feel shame or guilt for that anger.

Apparently it’s fine for white people to call us chinks, gooks, monkeys, curry munchers, dog eaters, sand n*ggers, and terrorists. If we take offense to these words, we are told to “lighten up!” and “it’s just a joke! I didn’t mean it in a racist way!”…but as soon as we say “wow, white people are racist” then suddenly we’re the assholes who need to apologize. Because “not all white people are like that!

If your response to a PoC being targeted because of their race is to insist that “but…but…not all white people are like that!”, then chances are, you probably are like that!

Why dont you just move in a fucking ghetto and go smoke crack with your PoC brothers.


Why don’t you leave the safety of your parent’s basement, grow some balls and come back off anon ^_^

Saw this girl commenting “fugly” on @arikasato’s pic on ig

And getting all heated and nasty, telling ppl to kill themselves when they said she was being rude

Ironically her profile bio says “Be beautiful inside and out!”

Girl you better eat some makeup then smh

Anti-racists are ridiculous. You people refuse to justify why you think that racism is bad, when it's actually quite healthy and beneficial - you expect people to think that wearing costumes is inherently evil because you slapped the word "racist" onto it. Big deal. Racism isn't bad. Wearing costumes isn't bad.


lol ok bye

yoshie-arai said:

What is that?

The two main color modes used in digital design:
cmyk = cyan magenta yellow black
rgb = red green blue
I’m a graphic designer and wanted a nerdyish tattoo that fits my love for what I do :-)

People who swear by: “Only idiot sjw on tumblr are offended by X social issue or Y racial issue. No one in the real world cares.”

I find it hilarious that you are so delusional and ignorant, to the point where you forget that there are 7 billion people on this planet who [gasp] do in fact exist outside of tumblr

And I highly doubt the vast majority of them share your narrow-minded, unabashedly bigoted viewpoints

I used to get mad when I saw people spewing racist bullshit, both purposefully or naively. Now I just feel somewhat sorry for them because they are literally so, so, so stupid, and chances are, they will not grow out of it. Some people you just can’t talk basic sense, reasoning, logic, or humanity into; I suppose.

Do what you love, love what you do 💻🎨 #cmyk #rgb

Do what you love, love what you do 💻🎨 #cmyk #rgb


Advice from the 6 bus


Advice from the 6 bus